We create an inclusive community so that children and young people with functional disabilities and their families can feel like equal members of society.


We provide individual consultations for free on how to receive the necessary state and local governmental support and services for families with children or young people with functional disabilities.


We organize creative workshops and activities for children and young people with functional disabilities, support groups for their families, as well as integration events.


We organize educational meetings with professionals from various fields to provide knowledge and understanding on how to improve the quality of life for everyone.

our dream

Our dream is a community center in Ikškile, where all children and young people can spend time together, participate in various classes and receive specialist care.

Meanwhile, parents could devote time to other important things and get a much-needed break.

It would be our own house with a garden, where we can provide every child with meaningful activities and development opportunities, as well as organize camps during school holidays.
Author: Rūdolfs


I want to foster a supportive, open and inclusive environment in my town, Ikskile, so that my daughter has the opportunity to live a fulfilling, meaningful and happy life, which every parent dreams of.

Therefore, it was important for me to create this association. Together we could create an environment where we can get to know each other, not be afraid, accept and cooperate. Everyone is and will be a winner.

I believe that together we will do it.
Madara Kukaine
Founder of the association
Since the birth of our son, we call ourselves citizens of Ikšķile. We believe and feel that Ikšķile is more than the place where our house is located - it is a community where most people call each other "their own".

The association “TEPAT un KOPĀ” gives us and our son Harald the opportunity to meet "our own" - to be heard, understood and make our home a better place to be!

We believe that the more we get to know and understand each other, the more successfully and meaningfully we will be able to interact.
Agnese, Edgars, Haralds and Nora Semjonovi